direct mailing, self mailer or christmas card

this is how you can communicate!

Communication thrives on variety. If you want to put your thoughts onto paper in a way to suit the occasion, take a look at our direct mailing formats, self mailer variants or Christmas cards, for example. With us, your messages have no limits. Choose between the quick, simple option of standardized mailing formats, or the more impressive, personalized alternative for individual content and forms.

When implementing your ideas, we take our cue totally from you. In doing so, we of course take into account all the important factors, starting from the choice of paper, to the printing colours, and the postal regulations.


  • Postage calculation
  • Postage optimization
  • (Picture) personalization
  • Paper choice and weight optimization
  • Large selection of self mailer variants
  • Integration of digital content (LCD displays, QR codes)
  • and much more...