Packaging, Special production and folders

Everything about packaging

When choosing packaging, AMD Production offers you numerous possibilities. With us, you will find a suitable format for every occasion! From packaging optimized for postage, which can be securely sent in a standardized way, to representative folding boxes and folders which immediately make a a good impression.

Our range is guaranteed to offer the right thing for you as well. By the way, your special products are also in excellent hands with us. Try it sometime by sending out a QR biscuit for example.


  • Pre-production (special colours, pre-forming of shrink sleeves, trapping)
  • Proofing for metal foils, opaque white, gold, silver, special colours
  • Production of trade samples and dummies
  • 3D visualization
  • Composing, retouching and post production
  • Format and language adaptation
  • Creation of codes (EAN, PZN, data matrix)
  • Print approval on site